Lemon Detox Diet - 1 Litre

Lemon Detox Diet - 1 Litre

Lemon detox diet for those wanting to lose weight or for those fasting. Natural tree syrup in 1000ml tin. Mix with Lemon and Cayenne pepper.

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Lemon detox diet for those wanting to lose weight or for those fasting. Natural tree syrup in 1000ml tin. Mix with Lemon and Cayenne pepper.

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The Lemon Detox Diet is for those who want a complete detox, for people who fast or for fast weight loss. The Lemon Detox diet is a drink consisting of Natural Tree Syrup mixed with lemon juice and cayenne pepper or ginger which will provide the ultimate detox.
The primary reason for doing ‘The Lemon Detox’ is to cleanse the body of toxins.

As seen in Daily Mail 6th May 10 and Guardian 4th May10

The Lemon Detox Diet is for those who want a complete detox, for people who fast or for fast weight loss. The Lemon Detox diet is a drink consisting of Madal Bal Tree Syrup mixed with lemon juice and cayenne pepper or ginger which will provide the ultimate detox. The primary reason for doing ‘The Lemon Detox’ should be to cleanse the body of toxins. A more relaxed version of the programme does however exist for people wishing to use ‘The Lemon Detox’ to support themselves whilst dieting.  Madal Bal Tree syrup will provide the body with all the nutrients when fasting or dieting and no need to feel hungry.        

Used by Naomi Campbell, Madonna and Beyonce and many naturopath practioners, healers and fasters it has acclaimed much popularity.

The Lemon Detox Diet has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people, who frequently report a variety of benefits including:
Cleansing the body of toxins
Weight loss if overweight
Increased energy & vitality
Shinier hair & stronger nails
Clearer skin and eyes
Better digestion
Greater sense of wellbeing
The Lemon Detox diet is in effect liquid food - nourishing and energizing. It is important not to burden the body with solid food during the detox. Digesting solid food consumes much of the body's energy and overrides many of its other tasks. In the absence of solid food the body can focus its energy on cleansing. Throughout history, experience has shown a periodic abstinence from solid food to be a blessing for the entire organism, the best investment in improved health and a longer natural life span.
While the actual inner cleansing and rejuvenation is performed by the body itself, the Natural Tree Syrup & lemon detox fulfils important functions in assisting this process: The Lemon detox diet supplies the nutrients necessary for the body's continuing alert functioning, assisting to restore the biochemical and mineral balance in tissues and cells and expediting cell regeneration. It is assimilated directly into the bloodstream, placing no additional burden on the digestive system. It provides a liquid medium essential for the efficient flushing of wastes from the system.

The acidity of lemon juice assists the cleansing process, acting like an internal detergent to dissolve excess fats and the cayenne pepper or ground ginger helps speed up metabolism, thus promoting circulation and the elimination of toxins.

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, when mixed with the right levels of lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper is specially formulated to give the body all the nutritional goodness it needs to support you whilst fasting or dieting.
It consists of four different South East Asian palm syrups and prime quality Canadian grade maple syrup. The saps are harvested without harming the trees and with total care for the environment. They are blended to a specific formula and then put into tins. No preservatives are added and no chemical processes are applied.

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup was formulated in the eighties by a Swiss naturopath Dr. K.A. Beyer, Dr. Meywald (GP & Homeopath) Dr. Raabe (GP & ayurvedic doctor) and Kumudini Weerawarna (ayurvedic doctor, pharmacist and herbalist). The syrup took five years and thousands of tests to produce. The end result is a finely balanced mixture, meeting all the mineral and nutrient requirements the body needs to enjoy The Lemon Detox.

The Lemon Detox Programmes

'Total Detox'

Depending on how accustomed your body is to fasting, The Lemon Detox can be done for 5-7 days. For people embarking on a fast for the first time, this can be done for 3-5 days. For those more experienced this can be extended up to 10 days, but should only be done so under the guidance of a healthcare professional.
During the detox, drink only the recommended liquids and do not eat solid foods. Each day drink 7-10 glasses of the detox drink, along with at least two litres of water.

The ‘Relaxed Diet’ Programme
For those wishing to try a more relaxed version, over a longer period of time, you can substitute breakfast and dinner with 2-3 glasses of the detox drink. Eat a healthy meal at lunchtime, abstaining from sweets, processed foods, red meat, fried foods, white bread, refined flour, dairy products, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. This lengthens the time each night that the body can cleanse. This should be done over a period of two weeks. The effects are not as dramatic as the full detox but it is nevertheless an effective programme.

How to Prepare the Lemon Detox (one glass)

20ml Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup (2 tbl-spoons)
Juice from ½ lemon (2 tbl-spoons)
A small pinch of cayenne pepper (adjust to taste)
Dilute with 300ml (½ pint) of hot or cold water.
If you like you can prepare a batch of the detox drink to last the whole day (makes 7 glasses). Can be enjoyed hot or cold.

During the Lemon Detox

Try to avoid excessive stress, both physical and mental, and find as much time as possible to relax. This will aid your body in the cleansing process.
Some cleansing symptoms It's normal to experience some discomfort during the course of The Lemon Detox. As the stored-up toxins and wastes are released, they circulate through the blood stream before being eliminated. This release may cause headaches. Chronic skin conditions may temporarily worsen in the early stages as the toxins are released through the skin. A good gauge for the detox progress is the change in the colour of the tongue, which will return to pink when the detox is complete.

The Lemon Detox Madal Bal Diet gives your body all the minerals and nutrients it needs. The only side effects are those your body naturally experiences whilst detoxing. Don't worry, these symptoms are normal. Be prepared to take some extra rest if necessary. Usually the symptoms will only last a day or two. If they last any longer, please consult a health practitioner or stop the programme.

After the Lemon Detox Diet
Since the digestive system will have been resting for a number of days, it needs to be treated carefully at the conclusion of the programme.

The common mistake is to eat too much too soon. Gradually return to normal healthy eating over two to three days. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and pureed vegetable soup are a good start for the first two days, and then steamed or raw vegetables for the next few days. On the fourth day you can start eating normally again.

“The Lemon Detox is an internationally acclaimed detox programme designed to cleanse your body from the inside out and is versatile enough to fit into any lifestyle.” Dr Sarah Brewer MA MB BChir - Doctor, Nutritionist, Author & Broadcaster

“I have tested Madal Bal tree Syrup myself and am now introducing it in practice. I can vouch that it tastes good, is easy to sustain over 5-10 days, gives a rapid detox, and is suitable for a wide variety of patients.” Dr. Janine Leach BSc PhD ND DO HonMFPHM Naturopath.

“We tried it and it works! Giving your body a break from, well, everything; leaves it tighter and feeling cleansed” ELLE Magazine

“A comfortable way of detoxifying.” Dr T G

“I enjoyed doing the detox and felt satisfied - not hungry at all (surprisingly!) . Slight detox symptoms on third evening. Lost 6lbs . Will be actively recommending Madal Bal Tree Syrup to colleagues and clients.” J.W. Practitioner

“The Lemon Detox Diet is the ideal "spring- clean" because you can adapt it to your own needs. It is surprisingly refreshing and you don't feel deprived at all! I thoroughly recommend it once or twice a year.” M.W. Nutritionist

“I recommend the Lemon Detox Diet to clients as a highly effective, adaptable and safe method of fasting.” P.S. Nutritionist

The Natural Maple Detox Syrup is available in 2 sizes 500ml or 1000ml tin. One serving is approx 20ml.


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