Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy bracelets and dog collars for you and your pet.

Why choose Magnetic therapy?

  • Complementary therapy with no known adverse side effects
  • No pills or potions to have to stomach
  • One off cost. 
  • No hassle, easy to wear 24 hours a day if necessary
  • Worn by at least 1.5 million users (Bioflow)

Warning: Magentic therapy products should not be worn by anyone with a Heart Pacemaker or any other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field. We recommend that you seek medical advice for these conditions.

DO NOT place near or next to any item that could be affected by a magnetic field such as audio tapes, computer discs, compasses, watches etc.

Biolfow comes with a 90 day money back guarantee subject to a 15% admin fee

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  What our customers say to us about their experience with Bioflow magnetic therapy:

 I certainly couldn't be with out my Bioflow for even a day...

 Can I exchange it for a new one, can I get my strap fixed, I really need a new one but can you return it asap as I can't really take it off for long......

 I never take off my Bioflow I wear it all the time...The magnetic bracelet I bought from you has been amazing it has given me so much relief

 I would never be without the Bioflow bracelet it has helped me so much...

 I wear a Bioflow bracelet, a Bioflow boost and a bracelet on my ankles, i don't know what I would do without it...

 Me and my dog both use the Bioflows, they have helped us both be more mobile considering I am pushing on 75 and he 15. Thanks for recommending them....

 The clasp broke and I need to return my magnetic bracelet. Can you please send a new one out tomorrow as I really need it....

 I would like to pay for a new bracelet before I return you my existing one, receive my new one then return the old for a refund, I don't want a day without it....

 If i forget to put my magnetic therapy bracelet on after a shower, I always know within the hour and remember oh I left it in the bathroom....

 UK distributors of Bioflow magnetic therapy bracelets and collars, copper bracelets, Pure and Verve magnetic therapy bracelets.