Air Ionisers

    Air ionisers/purifiers will protect those with allergy to dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants. Those suffering with hay fever, asthma, catarrh and even migraine sufferers should benefit from an ioniser. Those who are particularly sensitive to a modern man made environment will find breathing easier around an ioniser. 

    Natural air ions are those produced after a thunder storm, by waterfalls and mountains, around fountains and showers. Even though they are invisible they are ever present and essential to life as oxygen, without them all creatures will quickly die. They keep the outdoors free of germs. By raising the number of ions the number of airborne germs diminish and so will allergies, asthma and other related illnesses. Ionisers will produce a similar effect indoors and thus reduce pollutants from cigarette smoke, fungal spores, skin cells, pet hairs, pollen and dust. An essential for all allergy or asthma sufferers for an environment to breathe more easily. 

    For users of computers ionisers will prove to be very beneficial as ions affect human metabolism. Positive ions produced by modern technology equipment can be neutralised using an ioniser. Negative ions lead to improve mental alertness and health & positive ions cause headaches, lethargy, tension, irritability and discomfort.

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