Breathe Easy

    Natural products to help you breathe more easily. Salt pipes with Himalayan crystal salt, salt from Polish mines, Ionisers, Dust mite controllers and Alternative inhalers. Used regularly these products will help your breathing, asthma, sinuses and allergies.

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    • Higher Nature Salt pipe

      Higher Nature Saltpipe

      SKU: LH-4PY7-73VR

      The Salt Pipe - Breathe more easily with the natural respiratory aid. Excellent results from 15mins use a day. Helps...

      Regular Price: £29.99

      Special Price: £18.99

    • Himalayan Salt pipe Replacement Salt

      Himalayan Salt pipe Replacement Salt


      The Himalayan Salt Pipe Replacement Salt - for us with the Himalayan salt pipe by Amazing...

      Regular Price: £5.99

      Special Price: £2.99

    • Original Himalayan Salt Pipe Ceramic

      himalayan salt inhaler


      The Himalayan Salt Pipe - is a handy natural salt respiratory aid. It provides salt therapy to the user.  Use only...

    • The Flutter Respiratory Aid



      The flutter loosens trapped mucus, keeps the airways open, helps assist Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, Emphysema,...

      Regular Price: £75.00

      Special Price: £69.99

    • Easy Life Lung Exerciser

      Easy Life Lung Exerciser

      SKU: 6745

      The new Lung Exerciser is the perfect aid to improve lung function through...

    • Nose Buddy (Purple) Neti Pot with 1kg Neti Salt Himalayan

      Nose Buddy neti pot


      Nose Buddy with1kg Neti Salt Himalayan is light and durable. Ideal at home and when travelling. Made from light,...

      Regular Price: £16.99

      Special Price: £15.99

    Items 1 to 30 of 33 total

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    The salt pipe was featured on Dr Chris Steel and sold thousand and then those who bought them told 1000's. The salt lamps have been featured in the Daily Mirror and on TV and are our most popular product in Natural breathing products.