Himalayan Salts

What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan salts contain all the minerals and trace elements of which our bodies are made. Natural salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. Himalayan salt has no preservatives or additives. Doctors and alternative therapists agree that Himalayan salt is the cleanest salt available on the planet to deliver remarkable health benefits. Himalayan crystal salt is pristine and natural. It consists of the most perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the result of millions of years of compression under the Earth’s surface. Its has precise mesh with our body's inner workings because Himalayan salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those found inside the human body, 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals, in the same proportion as naturally exists in our blood.

Why use Himalayan salts?

Himalayan salts can be consumed as a mineral water by dissolving in water, dissolved in a hot bath for a healthy soak and detox, or it can be put it on your food or in cooking, instead of the standard table salt. All of these things help to maintain the bodies natural balance. Table salt however is primarily sodium chloride with additives and consumed in excess which is very easy to do with today's lifestyle, when used in excess is detrimental to health and generally not recommended by doctors to be added to food, as most foods contain enough salt. Himalayan salt is suitable for those who require a low sodium diet or those who want to enhance their health with a healthier alternative rich in minerals. Himalayan salt and water (sole) will help detox the body and balance the bodies pH.

We have a range of Himalayan salt products below which can be used for consumption, as a daily supplement, for bathing, nasal flushing and gargling or a range of salt lamps and tealights to help ionise the air, which may help with asthma and other related disorders and help with electro smog.

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  • Mini Himalayan Salt Mill

    mini salt mill


    Mini travel salt mill to carry your favourite salt around in a hand bag for when you visit restaurants where you...

  • Stella Salt and Pepper Set

    Stella Salt and Pepper Set


    David Mason Design is pleased to present their 2013 mill collection including many new models and concepts. DMD has...

  • Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt 20kg



    Bulk pack Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt in 10kg bags. Fine eating salt for salt...

    Regular Price: £79.00

    Special Price: £33.99

  • Himalayan Eating Salt Granulated 20kg bag

    Himalayan eating salt


    Himalayan eating salt 20kg 2 x 10kg bags or 20kg sack, subject to availability - granulated, coarse 3mm salt suitable...

    Regular Price: £79.99

    Special Price: £33.99

  • Himalayan Salt Bath 1kg BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    Himalayan Bath Salt


    Dip into a Himalayan salt bath a healthy alkaline bath and it will stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increase...

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price: £5.49

  • Himalayan Bath Salt 10kg Bags

    Himalayan Bath Salt 25kg sack


    10Kg bags for only £3.20 each (per KG). Dip into a Himalayan salt bath a healthy alkaline bath and it will...

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price: £24.50

  • Himalayan Salt Rock Chunks - 10kg



    10kg poly bag wholesale bulk pack. Himalayan rock salt is perfect for making Sole, which has a number of uses including...

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price: £24.00

  • Himalayan Salt Roller Massager

    Himalayan Salt Roller Massager


    A perfect addition to your home spa accessory collection, this salt crystal roller is hand carved for optimal...

    Regular Price: £8.99

    Special Price: £7.90

  • Amazing Health Ceramic Neti Pot with starter salt pack

    Amazing Health Ceramic Neti Pot with starter salt pack


    Ceramic yoga neti pot for nasal flushing. Use regularly with pure Himalayan salt to help you breathe more easily. Used...

    Regular Price: £16.99

    Special Price: £12.99

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You May Also Like to Know

Himalayan salts as mentioned in Independent 22nd Jan 08 in article 'How Salt Can Actually Be Good For You'

Extract: ''Unrefined Rock Salts contains more than 84 different minerals.

How It Can Heal: PMS: Mineral rich salts can help ease PMS, reducing water retention and muscular tension.

JOINT PROBLEMS: Minerals have an alkalising effect on the body which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body reducing pain.

BACK PAIN: Mineral salt has magnesium which helps relax.

BONE STRENGTH: Minerals help bone strength and unrefined rock salt is high in minerals.

Himalayan salts are available in 1kg bags and in different granules, 1mm fine salt for eating, 3mm granulated for cooking or a salt mill, 5mm for bathing and 30-50mm salt chunks for making a daily supplement 'sole'.

Made from large crystal stones, which are crushed by hand, the crystals are small enough to be used in a salt shaker. This is a popular choice for table salt and cooking. The crystals also come as coarse for salt grinders. Large granules are for bath use and rocks for making 'sole'.

Did You Know?

Himalayan salts have been used for helping cravings in addictions, regulating blood pressure and removal of deposits causing arthritic pain. Used daily as a supplement who knows what it will regulate for you.