Alternative Buster Collars

No bite collars for dogs and cats, the alternative buster collar - Alternative Elizabethan/Lampshade collar for dogs and cats

We have 5 alternatives to the traditional lampshade collar provided by most vets the Comfy Collar, Comfy Cone, Soft ecollar, Smart No Bite Collar and AntiLick strips bandages.  Please read note at the bottom of the page before purchasing an alternative buster collar.

If the size is unsuitable can be returned for an exchange.

Express Delivery service available for urgent orders SAME DAY DESPATCH available up to 3pm online for all Buster collars.

Benefits of alternative buster collars :
• The pet can eat more easily, sleep more easily than the Elizabethan lampshade collar.

• It prevents the animal from scratching, licking wounds and pulling off dressings and stitches*

• It can be used to calm dangerous dogs

• Pet friendly for added comfort

• Washable and hygienic

• Scratch and bite resistant

• Will not mark furniture and walls

• Long lasting and easy to store

• Used and recommended by vets

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  • Eazy Eat 4 Pets SIZE 8

    Eazy Eat 4 Pets large dogs

    SKU: EEZP8

    Extra large dogs Elizabethan collar `EezyEat4Pets` with a detachable flap which allows pets to eat easily &...

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £10.99

  • Eazy Eat 4 Pets SIZE 9

    Eazy Eat 4 Pets

    SKU: EEZP9

    New to the Pet & Small Animal market, unique Elizabethan collar `EezyEat4Pets`. This is the first `cone` collar...


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You May Also Like to Know

*NOTE: Please do not leave your pet unattended with his new alternative to the buster collar until you are fully satisfied he cannot get to his wound. Some dogs are more flexible and more determined than others and getting the correct size or style which suits your pet is most important. If you are unsure of which one to buy then you can try more than one and return the one which is not suitable (this will only apply for trying on and not returning as part worn or used. If returning blow up collars please do not use mouth, use a pump instead).  

Please consider the size of the snout, the length of his body, the age of the dog, where the wound is. If unsure you can purchase different ones and return the ones that are not suitable either in size or effectiveness. 

We are not responsible for any animal who may damage his wounds using any alternative buster collar and can merely give advice to assist choosing an alternative.