Walking Sticks

Walking sticks for men and women in exciting designs and colours. Instead of a basic stick we have sticks which make a fashion accessory. Our range include fashionable walking sticks, seat sticks, shooting sticks, three legged and quad seat sticks. Amongst our range are also formal canes for weddings and parties, folding ones and derby canes. All our sticks are of high quality, most are UK supplied. Some are height adjustable and some are fixed height. When selecting your walking stick you will need to measure yourself from foot to hip to ensure the correct size stick is chosen.

We have a great variety of traditional sticks, walking stick seats, designer walking canes, collectors ones and decorative ladies models. We also stock orthopaedic walking sticks and hiking poles. Some of them are foldable. Most are hand made in the UK by Linden Leisure and Somerset company, Classic Canes. Buy yourself a fashionable walking stick now. They make great gifts for loved ones, some people who don't like to be associated with a stick will endear to one if it looks pretty or contemporary.


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Walking stick Measure Guide: Measure from the floor to wrist bone, to ensure correct size cane is purchased. Consider weight, support required and type of handle for the best comfort.