Himalayan Eating Salt

Himalayan Eating Salt - The Benefits.

As common as salt shakers are to our kitchen, so are the numbers of diseases associated with salt. Life is not possible without salt. But our consumption of salt is killing us. Why is that? Because our regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original crystal salt. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride and not salt. Recent studies have shown that a reduction in salt intake will reduce your chances of strokes and heart disease by 25%. Many processed foods & snacks contain high levels of salt which are consumed by adults and children everyday. Changing to home made meals where you can control the amount of salt you add to your food is a far better option. A nutritious alternative is Himalayan eating salt. Himalayan eating salt is pristine, natural, organic and millions of years old. It has no additives and contains 84+ minerals supporting your bodies natural health. Use as an alternative to table salt.

Himalayan eating salt is available in different size granules. Powdery, fine or granulated. They are available in 1kg bags, in salt mills or in large sacks.
Use with salt shakers, salt mills as a great table decoration and use in cooking in a salt pig, with salt scoop. See our Himalayan salt products section for all accessories available for your Himalayan eating salt.

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  • Mini Himalayan Salt Mill

    mini salt mill


    Mini travel salt mill to carry your favourite salt around in a hand bag for when you visit restaurants where you...

  • Stella Salt and Pepper Set

    Stella Salt and Pepper Set


    David Mason Design is pleased to present their 2013 mill collection including many new models and concepts. DMD has...

  • Himalayan Eating Salt Granulated 20kg bag

    Himalayan eating salt


    Himalayan eating salt 20kg 2 x 10kg bags or 20kg sack, subject to availability - granulated, coarse 3mm salt suitable...

    Regular Price: £79.99

    Special Price: £33.99

  • Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt 20kg



    Bulk pack Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt in 10kg bags. Fine eating salt for salt...

    Regular Price: £79.00

    Special Price: £33.99

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Our Himalayan eating salt is food grade and quality controlled to ensure it is of high quality when hand mined and washed. Our Himalayan eating salt are of fine quality for eating. The salt can be used for bathing, drinking mixed with water, eye washes, nasal wash, however the extra fine is most used as neti salt as it is very fine and powdery, easily dissolved, the fine salt is used in a salt shaker and for cooking and the granulated is using as a table salt for salt mills and grinders.