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Himalayan Salt Crystal for Eating Mix n Match Fine and Granulated 2kg

Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt in 1kg poly bag for a salt shaker with 1kg granulated salt for a salt grinder.
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Himalayan fine and granulated crystal salt 2kg mix, 1kg of each bag supplied.

Himalayan fine crystal salt, also known as pink salt or natural salt is organic and natural. It consists of a perfect geometric structure similar to that in our bodies, because we have 70% salt and water inside the human body, in the same proportion as Himalayan crystal salt. It contains no additives or chemicals and is the most natural eating salt available on this planet.  Suitable for those who prefer to add a natural mineral salt to their cooking and meals. Himalayan salt is pure, unpolluted, without environmental impact - from a time when the earth was pristine. The salt contains no impurities from environmental pollution, as may be in sea salt and not stripped of vital elements as standard table salt.

Benefits include the remineralization of the body with the over 80 minerals and trace elements essential to health.
It also helps to balance the body's pH levels, and can lead to significant positive changes to respiratory, circulatory and nervous system functions amongst others.

Popular choices for table salt and cooking.

A much healthier alternative to standard table salt. 

Comes in polythene 1kg bags


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