Shooting Sticks

Contemporary, traditional, shooting sticks, with slings or seats, leather or synthetic...a wide range of shooting sticks also available with hard ground rubber ferrules.

A shooting stick can be used as a walking stick and as a seat while out and about and come with either rubber ferrule for hard ground or spike for soft ground. Some of our shooting sticks come with both, whilst others with a spike can have a ferrule added if preferred.

These sticks make great gifts for walkers, the elderly, active people, shooting enthusiasts and country people. We have traditional sling style ones and modern contemporary ones, in different weights and sizes. A useful 2 in 1 walking stick, which has been used for many years by countrymen.

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General Information:

Our wide range is varied, from traditional styles with high quality leather slings through to contemporary modern styles which are not in leather but of a high quality plastic mould.

We stock a range, even though they are called this for countrymen they are also useful for town folk, hikers, campers or people who need to sit in between long walks.

The traditional shooting stick would commonly be used on hunts as its a great way to stay in a steady position whilst resting or waiting for periods. Nowadays they are used for those needing rests on long walks including the elderly, keen walkers, hikers and infirm

As it is today, they are more common than ever amongst people in towns and cities as well as the traditional country user. Many elderly people find them great help whilst out on a shopping trip or day out and they are perfect if you are going to a place where you are likely to be queuing or standing around for a while with no place to rest. They are also known as walking stick seats. The main difference to be exact is shooting stick is with spike and walking seat stick is with rubber ferrule.

Tips on choosing the most suitable one for you

Its best not to put your full body weight in the seat but gently rest against it which helps take the pressure off the legs and lower back.

Some of our items are traditional and made with fine leather sling seats and quality crafted metal shafts and moulds which may seem a little heavy whilst others offer a great contemporary alternative lighter weight style whilst still offering fine quality and support for you. A range of our products use the butterfly fastening clip system which you have to tighten quite firmly in order to hold the shaft steadily in place whist using your shooting stick as a restful seat. The butterfly fastening have proven a little hard for those with arthritic hands these are the Downtowner, Ranger, Polo and Shotover. The lightweight Contemporary designs are all made in England and are the Observer, Explorer, Packaway, Foldaway Supaseat.

If a complete seat is required then the Quattro, Trio, Tripod or Out and About may be preferred. The Out and About is more like a portable chair and heavy to carry the others are lighter weight and more manageable as a walking seat stick.

Other variations use the clip in prongs like you would find on every day crutches. Once these are in they have to be pushed in to change the height or fold away.

There is a couple of seat sticks in our range that collapse and fold away into a bag for the most convenient and discrete design. These are the Packaway and Foldaway.

Always check the weight the stick will hold before purchasing as some hold heavier weights than others.

Or if you like the idea of having an umbrella shooting stick to use then it could prove most convenient in the UK. It inconspicuously holds the sling seat in the handle of the umbrella.