Benefits of a salt lamp

A salt lamp is beneficial anywhere you would like the air quality to be improved or preserved, anywhere you want to create a cosy, relaxing environment & anywhere you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Offices A Himalayan lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, neutralizing the effect of stress, artificial light & air environment.

Massage rooms A salt crystal lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a natural ionizing, calming environment and will also keep the air fresh.

Computer users Place one near your computer to reduce fatigue, counter EMF (electro magnetic pollution) effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of radiation.

Allergy Sufferers One will help your health by keep the air around you clean and naturally ionized.

Convalescents While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthy companion.

Childs bedroom Place a comforting crystal lamp by your child's bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child's sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean and free from airborne pollutants.

Nature Health Practitioners In a consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds a calming environment.

Mediators When you repose in peace and quiet, a salt lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Smokers A few salt lamps around smoky areas will clear away those lingering smells faster.

Colour therapy

Because of their colour they are also used in colour therapy i.e. chromotherapy. The therapeutic wavelengths of the colours have positive effects as they fall within the upper nanometre zone (600 to 700 nanometres) which are visible to our eyes and effect a reorganisation of the epidermal layer of the skin. These frequencies are also used in allopathic medicine for treating skin cancer. Tests have shown on hyperactive children that when using one for a week their symptoms were dramatically reduced and when the lamps were removed the symptoms of sleeping disorders and concentration returned.

Crystal salt lamps emit therapeutic electromagnetic wavelengths of colours known to positively effect us.

The influence of colours on the body and psyche:

Orange: conveys a feeling of security, a positive effect on nerves, our mood and activates the kidneys and bladder.

Yellow: Promotes awareness and intelligence, stimulates the pancreas, liver and gall bladder.

Red: Vitality, the heart and circulation

Pink: Partnerships and love and opens our emotional body

White: Promotes cleansing, detoxing and healing

Brown: Grounding and promotes our connection to earth.

Salt lamp vs tealight

Salt lamps need a power point and give a lamp light effect to the room. Depending on its size it can ionise different size rooms. It is larger and heavier than the tealight and would be more suitable for larger areas.

A tealight would need no power point only a supply of tealights to burn, they are better for concentrated areas, like a bedside table or next to a computer. The glow is less than the salt lamp for a meditative effect but they are very effective in ionising the air around us, maybe because the salt is heated to a higher temperature so even if they are smaller this does not reflect on its strength.