Many tests have been conducted to see how radiation alters the every day bodily functions. Personally, I think it is mind numbing that there are still no government endorsed health warnings on mobile phone boxes to let people know the truth and make their own minds up. Just like tabacco products carry warnings today but not so many years back, Doctors gave them out to combat stress! Now look what they have found out about tabacco since.

With the wealthy revenue that is in the mobile phone market, there is not much chance of any top channel publicly admitting a problem with mobile phones. Though even so, there has been many u-turns in recent studies and their results. Behind closed doors, many MPs are looking into the radiation threat with great detail. In fact, some local MPs have opposed new propositions to erect new masts in areas that have already had second mast planning rejected with local residence rallying support against it. 

We do have to look at the sharp (unknown) increase in brain cancer in the last decade (which coincides with the recent technology boom.)

Well, In the Soviet Union, the radiation from mobile phones was used to cause brain damage on lab rats. Today, the evidence points strongly at radiation becoming a menacing threat to our modern day society. 

EMFs And The Surrounding Dangers

EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) are emitted from all electrical appliances, some give more than others and some give out far more than the most powerful over head transmission lines. More importantly, many give out more than the recommended safety guide lines.

Typical safety guide lines are between 0.5 and 2 milligauss

Experiments have shown that a standard digital alarm clock emit a field of 6 milligauss

A computer can emit 20 milligauss

Whilst a mobile phone measures around 100 milligauss

Why the effects of a mobile phone really are bad.

Results conclude that the human body is put under the same strain when on a mobile phone than when it is put through a course of radiation already known to be harmful to humans. every one has basic survival instinct,  if a fire is hot, we move. Well that is in our inner stress reaction. This is routed back to our genes, we try to adapt to situations and over millions of years, we evolve. The mobile phone revolution is a new phenomenon that evolution knows nothing about yet. As nothing in the bodies genes knows how to protect itself, disease slowly develops as no stress reaction was triggered and nothing was done. Although most tests carried out in Europe suggest only radiation that cooks you're brain is harmful. Other scientific studies compel some worrying reports and findings. 

Just as radiation is carried from mast to phone through radio waves, the cells in our bodies do just that. There is a constant exchange of information between living cells in our body. When man-made radiation was put together, no one thought the signals produced could interfere with the bodies natural exchange of information. The cells in a human body are sensitive to alien energy, the energy from a mobile phone is several billion times stronger than those of the cells, which can cause the body to malfunction.

Electromagnetic radiation caused by a mobile phone call for 2-3 minutes can alter the way your body responds, reacts and functions for up to 3 hours after the call. Every particle of our body spins around its own axis like a minute merry go round. This spinning motion creates a radiation field around each particle. If some sort of unevenness is brought in to the motion, it is transformed in to an electromagnetic wave spreading in all directions like ripples on water. Each of the body's particles spins and at the same time wobbles slightly due to its magnetic field and the electromagnetism within its field. This generates a very complex pattern of radiation known as the spin generated electromagnetic field, or the spin field.

So even if a radiation signal is not strong enough to fry you're brain, it will cause damage within the body's natural defence system. Blood cells slow down the work rate of carrying blood and oxygen round the body. The spin effect is altered and the body is left in unknown territory and finds it difficult to regroup for sometime after. The body's harmonious function is not able to operate as particles are out of synchronisation with each other. 

 Using a Biophone or Electro Dot has consistently shown that it does help the body to protect its self where evolution cannot. It resists the alteration the radiation emits and does not let it effect the spin of the inner body particles. Even using one after a call has shown that regrouping of cells is so much faster.

Why not take the fate test?

Whilst on a mobile phone, hold you're arm out to you're side and try to hold it there whilst someone pushes it down. Try the same test with no mobile phone and once more using a Biophone. The results speak for them selves!

The potential lethal electromagnetic force in your household appliances

All electrical appliances emit electromagnetic fields - EMF's

Many top doctors an leading scientists now agree that even just a few minutes exposure to EMF's can lead to depression, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, lack of concentration, irritableness, memory loss, depleted or low energy, as well as damaging you're immune system and leaving you prone to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's and depression. All of which is integrated into our modern day life in our mobile phones, televisions, radios, microwaves, alarm clocks and even under wire bras or metal framed beds could be to blame.

Mobile Phones and 3G : Headaches, skin tingling and heating, fatigue, neck growths, lack of concentration and  memory loss, irritableness, restlessness, depletion, even tumours, cancer and cataracts have also been associated the use of analogue and digital cordless phones. - Only use for short periods at a time, keep it in a bag or outer layer of clothing, turn off in places like hospitals as radiation levels are normally high enough, don't get a talk plan with lots of free minutes enticing you to use them all up, swap ears from time to time, put volume higher and hold further away from head, attach a Biophone to you're phone today.

Mobile Devices and Tabs/Tablets/Pads using new technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G : t is fair to say that technology has moved forward so fast that we will not know the full extent of the intrusive and invaisive way they effect us for some years to come. It may take generations for some information to unfold that is linking modern technology with worldwide ill health. All these devises are running Bluetooth, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi and more and more people are using their deives for longer periods than ever, even dring charge time, on the toilet, whilst eating, cinema, school,work, home and in the car. Turn devices offf when not in use, keep them away from your body and if you must leave it on, at least turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth until they are needed.

Clock Radios : Best kept at least 4 ft away from you're head because they give off high fields. Electro-mechanical clocks emit more than electronic digital ones. Closer than 4 ft and you may feel more tired and take longer to lose that flu or infection. Try attaching a Biophone to it for great results.

DAB Radios : Running on low level  EMFs though still turn off when not using them and keep away from beds and areas where you use high levels of concerntration.

Computers : Most modern computers give off some levels of EMFs so do try to minimise exposure by keeping the computer, especially the screen, as far away as practical. Laptops generally emit low EMFs but when used with a mains adaptor plugged in they can cause dizziness and faint spells. Try to recharge it away from where you are, then use it from the battery supply. Place a cactus in the office or computer room. The spine of a cacti attracts charged irons and can change ionisation levels in the room. Take breaks when needed. Very good to attach a Biophone on the monitor.

Laptops:  If you are using a Laptop, it is said best not to use it whilst on charge as EMFs are at their greatest streangh. Try not to have your laptop directly on your lap or body part. Alarming numbers of frequent laptop users report ill health and the percentage of tumors in these pepole is higher than those not on the laptop.

Under wire Bras: These can act as antennae, re-radiating external EMFs, including microwave frequencies, into the body. With breast cancer on the increase it may be better with out the under wire. Use non wire alternatives.

Photocopiers: Known to give out high levels of EMFs, generated from around the motor. Best to stand 30 inches back whilst copying in progress.

Electric kettles: Both traditional and jug type create high EMF levels. Heating water using electricity can change its molecular structure. Some people who react badly to this change may suffer from headaches, eye problems or tremors. Neutralise the effect by standing the cup/mug/glass on a Vitaflow whilst pouring.

Beds: Metal framed beds and bedsprings can become magnetised by electricity in wiring and appliances , causing restlessness and insomnia. Try an alternative bed-base and unsprung mattress, preferably with natural materials. Keep electrical appliances at least 3 ft away from a bed head area.

Hairdryers: High currents produce the heat. The motor gives off high EMFs near the handle, dropping only a little at a drying distance of 6-18 inches away from you. The fields are higher when on higher settings. The fact that a hairdryer is only used for a short time at any one interval is not as important as the fact as the fact that the user is exposed to high levels of EMFs during that period. Metal hair clips can increase the EMFs from the working hairdryer. It is best not to use a hairdryer after 7pm as high levels of EMFs near to the head are known to interfere with the body's production of melatonin which helps the body to repair its self.