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Press coverage and the Media attention of Amazing Health Ltd

Since launch in 2004 , Amazing Health has been fortunate enough to gain free media coverage for some of our innovative product ranges and futuristic and exciting sales concepts. As a company, Amazing Health has enjoyed the following publicity over the years. As you can see that Amazing Health has benefited from Magazines and Nationals that have chosen to feature us alongside editorials that our products go hand in hand with. Television has also played a great part in our Media awarness growth. Supplying television programs with some of our product range include Celebrity Big Brother, Changing Rooms, 60 minute Makeover, The Big British Bake Off and of course ITV's Dr Chris Steel on This Morning.

Amazing Health in the Press:

January 2012 - Kidderminster Shuttle News features for our natural Himalayan Salt for cooking and eating

July 2011 - featured in FHM magazine for our Himalayan Eating Salt range.

June 2010 - Janey Lee Grace features Amazing Health in her new Book Imperfectly natural Home for our fantastic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps and Himalayan salt.

 April 2009 - Janey Lee Grace features Amazing Health in her Book Imperfectly natural Woman for our fantastic Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps.

September 2009 - The Independent features Amazing health for our Bioflow magnetic dog collars.

September 2007 - Dr Chris Steel ITV1 This Morning shows how our anti radiation devices can protect you.

July 2006 - Amazing Health is recognised by Ecoflow as one of the top performing distributors of the Bioflow range and  met Princess Anne at our Awards Ceremony during their 10th Year celebrations.

June 2006 60 Minute Make Over uses our home ionisers on their show.

April 2006 - Channel 4 Celebrity Big Brother asks Amazing Health to supply their celebrity guests in the house with some of our aromatherapy product range

March 2006 - Amazing Health donates £500 worth of goods to TVs Changing Rooms and helped someones quality of home life improve.

March 2006  - Amazing Health supplies TV show Grand Designs with an aquarium.

January 2006 - Sunday Telegraph feature for the range of healthy living kitchenwear.

September 2006 - Dr Chris Steel ITV1 This Morning introduces the benifits of our Salt Pipe to all his viewers.

April 2005 - Janey Lee Grace raves about our Himalayan Salt Lamps Live on Radio 1

December 2005 - Yours Magazine featuring an editorial sharing Frances Hammonds wonderful story with the nation about our Salt Pipes amazing results .

 December 2005 - Daily Mirror rates our Amazing Health Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp as the Top Christmas Gift.

December 2005 - The Guardian  states that Salt Pipe works wonders for Asthma sufferers.

August 2005 - Fresh Magazine featuring Amazing Health for our fresh look to alternative, natural effective hayfever remedies.  

Press Interest:

For all Press and media related enquireies, please email us or you may call us and speak to Tony on 08458386162.