Vitaklenz for Parasite Management

Vitaklenz has been formulated to treat parasite infestation and remove them over a one month period. Vitaklenz is a herbal, alternative formula recommended by practitioners for the removal of parasites and worms.

Parasites can spread by passing a pen, sharing a book, using the same door handle, or even sharing a house with untreated adults is all that is required for parasites to spread. No matter how clean your child may be, and no matter how careful you are they are very common.

Symptoms caused by parasites may include: Loss of appetite, anal and vulva itching and scratching, disturbed sleep and sometimes bed-wetting in younger children. Signs of worms may include diarrhoea, hunger pains, appetite loss, weight loss and anaemia.

Pets are also carriers of parasites, foods such as beef, pork and lamb can have parasites, so can some vegetables.

One of every four people in the world is infected with roundworms, which cause fever, cough and intestinal problems. A quarter of the worlds people have hookworms, which can cause anemia and abdominal pain. Another third of a billion people suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by whipworms.”

Many Vegetarians also have various parasites. Their eggs may be eaten with vegetables or fruit. Thread worms and hook worms may pass through the unbroken skin - they are sometimes picked up when one walks through the grass.”

Some of our users have spoken about their experience with Vitaklenz:

'I used to feel very tired even after meals so i tired Vitaklenz. After a months course I feel I have more energy. I have used an immune booster too so I don't fall so easily victim to parasites again'
'Vitaklenz has been great I used it after a holiday in Africa were I picked up a stomach bug, it has all cleared up now.'

'Me and my family all had the treatment for Vitaklenz after a trip abroad. We had been told by our GP we had parasites and their antibiotics failed. The Vitaklenz seemed to have worked we are all feeling better now.'

'Vitaklenz cleared my parasites I feel much cleaner now.'

I used to have alot of itching under my skin, but after a course of Vitaklenz it has stopped. 

'After travelling from India I came back with a stomach virus, diarrhoea and vomiting, generally felt lifeless and very sleepy. I tried the Vitaklenz and after doing the course for a month I felt a considerable gain in energy and was able to eat without the worry of diarrhoea. I lived on yoghurt and rice and some pulses and am a vegetarian. Definitely done the trick.' S.D.
'I constantly get thrush and was diagnosed with parasites. I tried Vitaklenz parasite cleanse and the thrush has now gone, hopefully for good!'

Various types of parasitic worms which can live in human intestines, the most common being pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms.

Worms can irritate the intestinal lining and therefore, cause poor absorption of nutrients. Diagnosis can be made by examining the stools, or occasionally by inducing the vomiting of worms. The extent of intestinal damage is then determined by the type of worm, the size of the worm, and the number of worms present.

Pin worms are the most common parasitic worm in the United States. The chief symptom of this small, threadlike worm is rectal itching, especially at night. Pinworms are transmitted when the eggs, which lodge under the fingernails when a person scratches, contaminate food. Personal hygiene is most important for the control of pinworms.

Tapeworms can be contracted from eating insufficiently cooked meats, especially beef, pork and fish. The most common tapeworm in the United States is the beef tapeworm, which can grow to a length of 15 to 20 feet in the intestines.

Hookworms are often found in the soil or sand in moderate climates. They can enter the body by boring holes in the skin of bare fee, or can enter the mouth if food contaminated by dirty hands is eaten.

Roundworms are most common in children. These worms can leave the intestines and settle in different areas of the body, causing diseases such as pneumonia, jaundice or seizures.

When a person is afflicted with worms, the body's supply of all nutrients is depleted to the point that supplementation of all nutrients is necessary to restore normal health. Nutrients of special importance are Vitamin A, the B complex, especially Thiamin, Riboflavin, B6, B12, and Pantothenic Acid; Vitamins C, D and K and Calcium, Iron and protein.

Dietary Deficiency

Animals kept on a diet which is deficient in protein or vitamins A, B1, B2, Biotin, Folic Acid or other nutrients have been known to be infested with many types of parasites, including trichinae, obtained from undercooked pork; and trichomonas, which can grow in the lungs or intestines as readily as in around the vagina. When these same parasites have been repeatedly implanted in healthy animals however, infestations have not occurred as long as the diet has been adequate.

If a deficient diet is not improved and the parasites are killed by medication, herbals or electro-medical means, re-infestation quickly occurs, but they gradually die out when the diet is made highly nutritious. Both parasites and worms infest animals deficient in Vitamin A, whereas well-fed controls remain free of infestation. The entire intestines may also be filled with worms when animals are allowed to eat too little of an excellent diet to obtain the nutrients they need, and if the worms are destroyed by medication, the animals died of infections in the intestines.

Although intestinal parasites are surprisingly common, there are no known studies showing the effect of dietary improvement on humans infested with them. It is known that a high intake of refined foods, particularly sweets, which supply little or no nutrient yet satisfy the appetite, cause individuals to become susceptible to pinworms which thrive on sugar.

Research indicates that in any type of parasitic infestation however, the diet should be unusually adequate and refined foods strictly avoided. Yogurt or acidophilus milk, can be helpful  and every effort should be made to maintain normal stomach acid which destroys many parasites obtained from food.

Other researchers have shown that parasites are particularly susceptible to a variety of herbs which are lethal only to these organisms. To date, there is no known “cure-all” herb which kills all stages of a parasites larvae and eggs. As described, poisons and toxins in the body irritate the tissues, setting the stage for cancer. These same toxins also seem to allow the parasites to breed outside of their normal, natural, life cycle which usually involves leaving the host's body. It seems that with the increase in environmental pollution, the parasites, in the presence of pollutants, can complete their life cycle within the host's body.

Any anti-parasitic treatment must effectively kill all stages of parasite development, and must continue on beyond the normal incubation period of the eggs. Any short term treatment, (such as commercial preparations are) - cannot be effective. Commercial treatments usually focus on intestinal parasites, and adult worms only. As has been described above, parasites can crawl into the liver, pancreas, brain, lungs, heart, eyeballs - in fact any part of the body. Therefore, a total systemic anti-parasitic system of treatment is imperative. Such a treatment may involve electro-medical devices which destroy the parasite electrically, and pure herbal supplements known to kill all stages of parasite development.

We must harness the healing power of the body by removing the source of irritation, and provide nutrients for the body to build healthy new cells. By stimulating it with naturally occurring substances, which are found in pollutant free, steroid free, hormone free, organically grown foods and herbs, and electricity - healing is naturally accomplished. Herbal treatment to rid your body of parasites and worms is Vitaklenz.