after operation collar- Inflatable buster collar - Small Size 2

Comfy Collar - Inflatable after operation collar - Small

Comfy Collar - Inflatable post op collar - Large Size 4

Comfy Collar - Inflatable post op collar - Large - Size 4 is designed for pets and they give added comfort. It is washable and hygienic.
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An alternative to the traditional neck collar, buster or Elizabethan collar for pets. A protective post op collar helping pets to recover from operations, injuries and rashes.

Large Size 4 Labrador, GSD 17-22"/42-55cm


Features of the Comfy Collar:

Pet friendly for added comfort

Washable and hygienic

Scratch and bite resistant

Will not mark furniture and walls

Long lasting and easy to store

Used and recommended by vets

Benefits of the alternative buster collar :

The pet can eat more easily, sleep more easily than the Elizabethan lampshade collar.

It prevents the animal from scratching, licking wounds and pulling off dressings and stitches*

It can be used to calm dangerous dogs

It can be used in hydrotherapy as a safe floatation device.

The field of vision is not affected like the lampshade collar preventing the animal from knocking into things.

It is placed around the pet and inflated by mouth.


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