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Himalayan Salt Plate SIZE 20X10X3CM SMALL

Himalayan Salt Plate SIZE 20X10X3CM SMALL

Amazing Health Original Ceramic Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler for Breathing and Respiratory Issues

The Himalayan Salt Pipe - is a handy natural salt respiratory aid. It provides salt therapy to the user.  Use only 10-15mins a day.

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Amazing Health Original Himalayan Salt Pipe Ceramic filled with 100% Pure Himalayan salt - with hygenic dust cap

  • Himalayan salt pipe with new mouth piece dust prevention cover. Filled with granules of salt lasts for approx 1 year then the salt can be replaced
  • Used to open up the air passages. Provides salt therapy to the respiratory system, when used regularly. Use for 10-15 mins per day or otherwise occasionally if just feeling blocked up and conjested.
  • The Himalayan Salt inhaler pipe is the modern way to experience salt therapy at home and has no known side effects.
  • Read user testimonials of its positive results. Imagine salt therapy in a salt cave but at home.
  • Used regularly provides salt therapy benefits to the user. Salt has been known for years for its cleaning and bacteria removing benefits.

Porcelain salt inhaler pipes work well as salt pipes, compared to plastic ones, as when inhaling they do not have a plastic taste, the only taste is the mild Himalayan salty taste. It is a quality product and has been designed to be reused even when the salt is changed. The Himalayan salt inhaler when used daily for 15 mins can provide salt therapy to its users. We have listened to our users and have replacement salt available for this item, we have also added a cover for the top on the inhaler to protect it from dust. Salt can be easily changed through an opening in the bottom and an easy to use stopper to open and seal. Many people ask us if it okay with high blood pressure as salt isn't known to be a good thing to take with high blood pressure, answer is fine, just like gargling with salt helps a sore throat, salt can be good for you, the same principal applies. Comes in blue, cream or green and branded with Amazing Health Box. Boxed, filled with 100% pure Himalayan salt and with dust stopper cover.

 Safety Warning : DO NOT immerse in water or leave in damp areas.

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