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Looking for something that may help protect you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation which is emitted from mobiles, cordless phones, computers screens & domestic appliances like microwaves?

Radiation protection devices can help with symptoms caused by EMF radiation.

There is an increasing body of evidence suggesting that the modern electronic world in which we live is full of 'electro-pollution' which is damaging to our health and the health of our children. 

Government has finally acknowledged that people suffer from a condition called electrosensitivity more


Recent press, television and radio reports have reinforced opinions which question the long term safety of using a mobile phone and the harm it could do to a human body.

More and more scientists are studying mobile phones and the resultant problems people may encounter when using them. For example one such research program claims that the radiation from mobile handsets can prevent the ability of white blood cells to fight disease. 

This study involved taking white blood cells, or lymphocytes from a donor and exposing them to different electric fields. It was found that only a third of cells exposed to microwaves from a mobile phone on standby mode were able to function after three hours. The researchers claim that the immune system is partially controlled by electro magnetic fields emitted by the body and that the microwave radiation from a mobile phone interferes with these fields undermining the immune systems ability to function.

 "The electroDOT electromagnetic harmoniser has been developed to counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields produced by the electronic equipment we use. Daily exposure to EMF`s has an impact on our life, vitality levels, energy levels and health. We can produce an objective assessment of these impacts through PIP, GDV and RFI scanning techniques. "

"electroDOTs ...radiation protection devices have made a huge impact on my life - and my clients also." Ki Lin, Thailand
 "...of all the mobile phone enhancers I've tested, it is the electroDOT that I have on my phone and that I give to all my friends and family." Dr Thornton Streeter D.Sc

Revive your energy with energyDOT magnetic discs, programmed with naturally inspired frequencies. Each 'DOT' is supercharged with subtle energy to strengthen and support the natural flow of vital energy. The energyDOT family of harmonising DOTs offers an easy to use, toolkit for optimising health and well-being in the wi-fi world.

Protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation now.

Fifty years ago, tobacco was not known to be harmful, why wait to find out what the experts say about mobile phones in years to come.

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