Cozy Allnighter Microwave Heat Pad - cosy fleece cover

Cozy Allnighter Microwave Heat Pad - cosy fleece cover

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Amazing Health Unscented Microwavable Wheat Bag - Royal Blue Tartan Cotton, MADE IN UK, Gift Boxed, Hot And Cold Pack

Scottie Allnighter Microwave Heat Pad - check tartan design

The Scottie AllNighter is a microwaveable heat pad. Get 8-10 hours - a full nights sleep of warmth and pain relief No need to fill and empty, like hot water bottles.
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Microwave Heat Pad with Long Lasting Warmth. The Scottie AllNighter microwave heat pad, no water required, microwave heat pad for people.

Get 8 hours - a full nights sleep of warmth and pain relief with the Scottie allnighter microwaveable heat pad . No need to fill and empty.
The Scottie All Nighter microwave heat pad has many advantages over conventional hot water bottles/ buck wheat bags and is a useful product to ease the symptoms of pain associated diseases.

  • Scottie Allnighter microwave heat pad features: 
    EASY TO USE: Place the 9 inch disc for 5 minutes in the microwave (800 watt) gives up to 8 hours of sustained warmth & comfort. Much longer than any cordless hot bottle/ buck wheat bag.
  • Hygienic & easy to clean washable cover. No filling hence no risk of scalding.
  • Odourless, unlike buck wheat bags. You don’t have to keep our product damp either!
  • Each one is supplied with the washable fleece cosy cover,  check tartan colour may vary. (worth £3.95)
  • Safe non expanding durable polypropylene casing.

The Scottie microwave heat pad is suitable for anyone requiring thermotherapy, wanting to keep warm without having to re-heat regularly like a hot water bottle or wheat bag. The Scottie is a 9" disc of 850g weight. The disc stays warm to provide all night warmth without the risk of scolding.

PLEASE NOTE: It is rigid and not flexible to the body.

The cover colour may vary from picture.

Please follow instructions carefully on heating times and ensure you do not overheat.

' While working on my computer I feel cold, not moving for so long, this is where the Scottie comes in handy, I keep it on my lap or my feet on it. Its temperature is just right not too hot like a hot water bottle which needs to be moved every so often so as not to get too hot in any one position. The Scottie all-nighter can be kept in the same place for ages maintaining body warmth.' E.D.

'The Scottie microwaveable heat pad will stay warm through the night & when I wake up its still warm. No need to fill it up or re heat it half way through the night so I can get a peaceful night's sleep.' M.D.

'Scottie allnighter microwave heat pad stays warm for longer when left in my bed before sleeping than if i use it on my lap, its really handy not to have to heat it up more than once in a night so i can use it on the sofa watching TV and then take it to bed.' A.R.

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