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Unscented Wheat Bag Extra Large Purple 70cm

Unfragranced microwave wheat bag in purple fleece in extra long length. Useful for wraping around legs, arms, shoulders waist and neck with its extra long length.
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 Unscented wheat bag, extra long in purple fleece.

Non scented wheat bag for those who don't want scented and extra large with stitching along the length to hold the wheat in sections.

It can be gently heated in the microwave or left cold and used as a heat pack for relaxing tired, aching muscles, soothing injuries. This wheat pack, hottie can be used around the waist, back, shoulders, arms and legs quite comfortably as it has the extra length and shape to allow more versatility.

Length 70cm, Width 10cm approx 770g. Comes boxed to store safely.

Wheat products will appear damp on first few uses, please towel dry, this will subside after a few heats. Please note these wheat bags have no lavender added, on receving some may have light smells as they are made in a factory where fragrances are used, however this will subside after leaving out for a little while.
Outer cover can be washed, do not wash inner wheat bag. When heating no need to remove the outer cover.

Purple wheat bag with no lavender,

  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Heats in microwave in 2 minutes
  • Unscented wheat bag
  • Supplied with a removable inner wheat bag that can be used hot or cold
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