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bioflow magnetic therapy collar for dogs size small

Bioflow Dog Collar Black Small (up to 45cm)

Bioflow Dog Collar Red Small (up to 45cm)

Bioflow magnetic therapy dog collar in red size small, the collar will provide magnetic therapy to your pet.

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Many owners swear by the use of Bioflow magnetic therapy products, there have been may success stories by users.

It is difficult to imagine how a magnetic collar could be so effective in cats, dogs, horses and other animals like cows, sheep, deer, rabbits etc.

Many thousands of cats & dogs and other pets are happy wearing a Bioflow magnetic collar. Is the collar providing some relief...

A CRP magnetic module is attached firmly to a webbing collar and are unique in their effectiveness.

Fully adjustable. size small red magnetic collar up to size 45cm..

Recommended by leading Veterinary Surgeons for arthritis, joint pain, injury & many more illnesses.

TIP Have a healthy pet? Why not get a Bioflow collar, a dogs best friend.

Bioflow Pet Collars come with a 90 day performance refund policy subject to a 15% handling fee, so why not let your pet try one and see the results for yourself?

'Magnetic collars work miracles as some customers say and we think so too'

Note: If using on a large dog which pulls then we would recommend having a different collar for when out walking in addition to the Bioflow as the collar is not designed for pulling dogs.

''My dog chewed up his Bioflow collar the other day and I need another one straightaway as he can't do without it.''

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