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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Small Includes a FREE Salt Tealight


Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt 20kg

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp 4-6KG with a Medium Salt Tealight Holder

Himalayan salt crystal lamp size medium 4-6KG with a Salt Tealight Holder.

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The Original Amazing Health Himalayan salt crystal lamp in medium with cable and bulb, a piece of Himalayan salt rock in its most natural form, one of our bestsellers. Comes with a 1kg approx tealight.

Himalayan salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks formed millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas. The salt crystal lamps are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful natural shape of the rock. The crystal is said to naturally ionise the air and the glow beautifies any room. Its hydroscopic properties it is said may help reduce airborne pollutants thus helping asthma and allergy sufferers.

Positive ions are blamed for causing all sorts of illnesses, allergies and headaches, tiredness, stress, insomnia, loss of memory, accelerated aging, lack of concentration and a lower immune defence system. Placing a lamp around computers and in bedrooms have known to help the users with increase in concentration and tiredness and allergies and increase alertness. Lamps are used for enhancing moods and for colour therapy too.

The salt lamps are suitable for home, bedroom and office. Easy to assemble.

All measurements are only approximations and may vary from piece to piece.

Height:  Approx medium 20-23cm Weight: 3-5.5kg

NOTE: Cable and bulb included

'Our Himalayan salt lamps were one of the TOP XMAS GIFTS FEATURED IN THE  SUNDAY MIRROR '

 Our salt lamps are featured in the paperback book ''Imperfectly Natural Home'' by Janey Lee Grace


'I have a salt light in my bedroom and office, at night it really helps with my sinus problem and while I work on the computer it keeps me from feeling lethargic and more alert. I would really recommend this product to anyone who works on computers for long periods and for those who have breathing problems at night'

' My 5 year old son had bad coughing fits at night but after having a salt crystal light in his room his coughs have almost stopped'

'' Since having a salt tealight in my computer area I am able to work for longer periods feeling more alert and able to concentrate than before. A great under rated product for ionising the air and great value for money too!'

'The salt lamp i have purchased from you is a lovely lamp with a calming glow and while giving a great feel to the room it is also better to breathe especially around my pets which at times has been hard due to large amounts of moulting hair.'

'My salt lamp is always on in my bedroom when at night i found I coughed more and suffered from sinus problems, my sinuses have now cleared up and the coughing has now stopped.'

' I keep the salt lamp on all the time at home, it is a remarkable product which helps breathing more easier as well as gives a relaxing feeling to our room.'

'I use the salt lamp for creating a harmonious atmosphere in my home, it is naturally beautiful'




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