Simply Unearthed Semi Round Seat Stick height adjustable (Brown)

Simply Unearthed Semi Round Seat Stick height adjustable (Brown)

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The Shine Adjustable height Shooting stick with dual spike and ferrule by Simply Unearthed

A high quality traditional styled shooting stick with interchangeable rubber ferule and spike with plate spike so it can be used on hard or soft surfaces, town or country. With an added carry shoulder strap for extra ease whilst out and about.

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A high quality traditional style shooting stick with an interchagable bottom end. Sporting a rubber ferule which is superb for walking with on hard ground. Unscrew the ferule off to reveal a spike, just simply screw on the plate provided and you can then use it on sotft ground. The screw plate is easily accessable, just unscrew it from below the seat. You can the scew on the rubber ferule during the time you use the spike and plate.

The seat easily opens out by pulling down on the handles. Have a seat and its ready to carry on when ever you are, simply pull up the hadles and your seat is a stick again.

Using high grade metal alloy for the construction, coupled with premium leather finish, this stick is a very good looking, comfortable and well made shooting stick. This Shine stick by Simply Unearthed also has a convenient carry strap which can be used to sling the stick over your shoulder when its not being used. Its a very easy strap to adjust and use. These sticks are hand made in Pakistan and not mass produced in a large Far eastern factory. The handles are covered in a hand stiched leatherfinish, very stylish and matches the leather seat and leather covered shaft and shoulder strap. The seat clips together to keep it looking neat whilst walking with it.

Specifications below are all approx:

Walking Height adjustable in the following increments: 

 75cm - 96cm with 6 increments of 5cm

Seat area: 25cm by 11cm. 

Sitting height 59-81cm with 6 increments of 5cm.

Stick weight: 1100g approx.

Maximum User Weight: 180lb

Brand: Simply Unearthed

Exclusive to Amazing Health

More Information
Additional Information Always ensure that you check and make sure that the screw to adjust the height of the stick is ALWAYS tightly in place going through a thread in the inner shaft. A good way of doing this is by holding one hand on the inner shaft and the other on the top outer shaft and try to twist it. If it twists round then it is not in correctly and is UNSAFE to use so you MUST try again. Check this screw is tightly screwed in before each use.
It is also always a good idea to sit on it slowly and gently whilst holding onto a firm solid support for the first time you use it after adjusting the height to make sure it is safe.

We think this Simply Unearthed Shine shooting stick is best suited for those who have full control over their balance and recommend a 3 or 4 legged seat stick for those who are frail or who have trouble balancing.

Sit on the seat with the stick at an angle so you are leaning into it, not sitting on top of it.
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